Our local Executive Committee

Our EDA Executive Committee members in previous years are listed here.

Our 2020-2021 Saanich-Gulf Islands EDA Executive Committee:
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Harald Hommel – Former Chief Executive Officer
Sharon Forrester – Financial Agent
Nancy Searing – Secretary
Linda Brown – Member-at-large
Dan Kells – Member-at-large, now Interim Chief Executive Officer
Karen Lindsay – Member-at-large
Bob MacKie – Member-at-large
Helena Murray-Hill – Member-at-large


Harald Hommel – Chief Executive Officer,
from North Saanich,
first 3-year term, ending 2021

After my retirement four years ago, my wife Cynthia and moved from Manitoba to BC. I became excited when I realized that we were living in Elizabeth May’s riding and decided that I wanted to help out in the 2015 campaign. After the re-election, I stayed on with the SGI group of volunteers because they were a passionate, professional group of people that I admired. This group of volunteers morphed into the SGI Green Media and the Green Special Events groups.

I have contributed my photography skills and time in video recording, and was also involved with canvassing. My experience with the Greens, in combination with recent political reversals by the federal Liberal government, have convinced me that, more than ever, the country needs the policies that the Green Party espouses. 

I believe that the SGI EDA is vital in supporting Elizabeth May, as well as helping other EDAs across the country become established. Not having the same funds available as other parties, the Green Party must rely on volunteers. To facilitate this, we must take on the difficult tasks of recruiting and empowering our volunteers to be truly successful. This isn’t as easy as it seems. I am up to that challenge. 

After spending enjoyable years in post secondary education (Sciences, Arts and City Planning), I started my working career in business as an insurance underwriter for a major Canadian life insurance company. I moved into the sales area and then left the insurance industry to become a stay-at-home dad for our daughter’s first year. At mid-life, I made the decision to return to school for an education degree. In this field I had the opportunity to work with immigrant students in English as Additional Language programs, and eventually worked in my favourite area, that of teaching social studies.  

It was in teaching Canadian History, as I examined the Canadian political process with students, that I came to realize that the first-past-the-post system of voting was producing poor results. A proportional representation system allows every vote to count, making the voting process more fair for all voters. Naturally, I looked for a party that supported PR, and I found the Green Party.  

With that in mind, I am wholly committed to a collaborative, cooperative process in supporting the Green Party and Elizabeth May here in the Saanich Gulf Islands EDA, as well as across Canada, to reach more Canadians and prepare for the upcoming federal election.



Sharon Forrester – Financial Agent,
from North Saanich,
second 3-year term, ending 2021

My role as Financial Agent includes financial reporting to the Executive and Elections Canada and preparing tax receipts for our donors. I was also the official agent for the 2015 election campaign.

I began volunteering with SGI before the 2011 election. I was so impressed by Elizabeth that I started canvassing and working in the office. After that election, I volunteered to join the Board as Financial Agent, the position I’ve held for 5 years now.

Before that I was a retired CA, and I had spent 15 years of my career with the BC Ministry of Environment. After retiring I went back to university and took environmental courses, including one from Andrew Weaver about climate change. That is the issue that motivates me to keep working with the Green Party.